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Taking care of a senior dog can become frustrating when it loses its continence. It really becomes a hassle cleaning up all of those messes around the house. The Sta-on pet diaper harness can solve this problem.

Dogs are probably the most popular candidate for this type of system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  How does the harness attach?
A: The Sta-On uses Velcro straps and a slide buckle to allow adjustability as well as a firm hold on the diaper.
Q:  Will the harness restrict my dogs ability to move, jump, run etc..?
A: Assuming the harness is adjusted correctly, the animals movement should not be affected.
Q:  Do I have to take the harness on and off?
A: No, you can leave the harness on even if they aren't wearing a diaper.
Q:  Does the harness work with all types of diapers?
A: Yes, the harness works with washable pet diapers, disposable pet diapers and infant diapers.
Q:  What size of infant/toddler diaper should I use?
A: With the small harness diaper size is usually 1 -3. Medium 3 - 5. Large 4 - 6, depending on the weight. For larger animals, adult diapers are recommended.

Harness Instructions

  1. Place harness flat with Velcro facing up.
  2. Place front paws through loop in center.
  3. Wrap strap (A) and (B) around chest area.
  4. Adjust slide buckle to fit.
  5. Attach rear straps with Velcro to diaper.
  6. Attach tabs from diaper over harness straps for extra security.

Harness Snap Instructions

After making correct adjustments to your Sta-on harness...

  1. Poke snap through all layers of webbing
  2. Attach cap on other side
  3. After assembly simply break off the pointed end.

This will keep strap from sliding down