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Sta-On Harness

Taking care of a senior dog can become frustrating when it loses its continence. It really becomes a hassle cleaning up all of those messes around the house. The Sta-On Pet Diaper Harness can solve this problem.


Sta-On is suitable for elderly animals who have lost control of their discharge functions, female animals that happen to be undergoing menstruation, and young animals that are not yet house trained. The Sta-On Diaper Harness can be used with washable pet diapers, disposable pet diapers and infant diapers.


The Sta-On Pet Diaper Harness is made of durable polypropylene webbing.

Sizes & Measuring


The Sta-On Harness is available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). See the provided chart below.

Sta-On Harness Size Dogs Chest Size Dogs Body Length Typical Weight
♦ Small ♦
Standard 12 - 19 in 7 - 12 in 4 - 12 lbs
Metric 30 - 48 cm 18 - 30 cm 1.8 - 5.4 kg
♦♦ Medium ♦♦
Standard 19 - 24 in 12 - 16 in 12 - 20 lbs
Metric 48 - 61 cm 30 - 41 cm 5.4 - 9 kg
♦♦♦ Large ♦♦♦
Standard 24 - 32 in 16 - 20 in 20 - 35 lbs
Metric 61 - 81 cm 41 - 51 cm 9 - 15.8 kg


Choosing the proper harness size is as easy as measuring your dogs chest circumference and length. You can use a cloth sewing tape measure to determine this. See the diagram to the right for details on measuring the animals chest size.


We currently offer four different colors.

Available Colors
Brown Black Blue Pink


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See the information page for complete instructions as well as frequently asked questions.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with our product, simply ship it back for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the date of purchase. (Less shipping & handling cost). If you feel you have the wrong size simply return the item and we will promptly mail out the size you request.